Nandini's mother needs help.


 Help is required towards the medical expenses of Neeraj,the mother of our student Nandini(pictured above),who suffers from anemia and she has been sufferin from tuberculosis for the last two month.Her husband is a temple priest and earns a small amount of money each month,which goes for rent and daily expenses,hence he is unable to spend the amount required for the medical therapy to take place.Her doctor has estimated the cost of administering the medicines at 3000 rupees per month for a period of nine months.Total cost would be 30000 rupees($482 USD).

it is an urgent case,as ,if left untreated ,it would certainly spread and contaminate the rest of the family members.

We are hoping on the goodwill and generosity of our blog readers and sponsors alike in order to help Neeraj and her family in their hour of need.

Thank you so much.

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