Prabhat Needs Help

Dear Friends,

We have a medical case of Prabhat Gautam aged 52 years. He is mentally unstable and is unable to do anything for work. The wife is taking care of him and is a housewife. His daughter Radha aged 11 is studying in Sandipani Muni School(FFLV) in the 3rd grade. 

Mainly the problem is that Prabhat is mentally unstable and has been diagnosed with 3 stones in Kidney. Prabhat lives in a one room house with his family. At the moment he has been admitted in S. N. Medical hospital, Agra. The doctors suggested an urgent operation for kidney to remove stones, however, the family is completely out of money and the operation will cost Rs.50,000/- . They are approaching everywhere to seek help but havent received any yet. Now they are seeking help from Food for Life. If you wish to send a contribution to Prabhat, please write to me at 

Below are some photos of Prabhat, unfortunately, they are not very clear as a friend of his took it in Agra from his phone that did not have the high mega pixels and sent them over to us. 

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