Pragya Needs Your Help

Twenty-four years old, Pragya has been diagnosed with tuberculosis of the lungs and spine. For the last five months, she has been on medication. And now, her life has become very tough for her as this tuberculosis is spreading in her whole body. 

She needs to undergo spine surgery immediately, or she will suffer from severe complications. Your contribution can give this young girl a chance to live everyday life normally.

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Help Muskan For Her Surgery

Muskan, a student of 10th grade at FFLV school, has been experiencing an irregular heartbeat since childhood. A Pacemaker (a small device placed under the skin in the chest to help control one's heartbeat) was installed 10 years back to help her heartbeat function more regular. 

As her pacemaker battery is running down, her surgery will take place for implanting a new pacemaker. She has been admitted to G.B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi where the estimated cost of her replacement surgery is INR 40,000 (USD 550). 

Any help you would like to provide to Muskan would be appreciated. 


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Help Milan

Patient Name - Milan 

Age - 35 years

Milan works at FFLV as a janitor with a limited income. She is diagnosed with Anemia accompanied by Low blood pressure. In addition to that, she also has a medical issue of piles. Doctors suggest her to undergo blood transfusion plus surgery for treating piles due to a lack of healthy red blood cells resulting in weakness.  

The estimated expenses for her overall treatment and medicines are INR 25,000 (Approx. USD 340). Any help you would like to make for this case would be appreciated. You can click on the below link to Donate or Share this message with your family and friends.
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Little Bhumika needs help

Bhumika is 6 years of age, studies in 2nd grade at Sandipani Muni School, FFLV. A few days back, while she was playing in front of her house, a bike rider accidentally hit her. Immediately, her mother took Bhumika to the hospital by borrowing money from the neighbors to get her treated . 

Her leg's bone got fractured; the doctor performed the surgery and prescribed her complete bed rest with proper medications. 

Bhumika's father passed away a couple of years ago Now, her mother is the sole earner of the family  by working as a housemaid. 
INR 30,000 (400 USD) was the total expenses spent for her treatment. Please provide your help with this medical case. Any donations received will be reimbursed to Rajni (Bhumika's mother) at a later date.
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Ashok needs help

A couple of days back, Pooja (FFLV student) visited the FFLV office with her mother to ask for help. 

Her father works as a building painter on daily wages.  A few days back, he was working at the building site at a height but unfortunately fell off and his leg got fractured.
As an emergency case, Pooja's mother, Lakshmi, took him to the hospital. She has somehow managed to borrow money from neighbors and got him operated in the R.K. Mission hospital, Vrindavan.
The surgery was successful and he has been discharged from the hospital. The doctor has advised him complete bed rest with proper medications due to which he won't be able to work for at least 1 month.

The total expenses for his treatment were INR 40,000 (535 USD). Any help towards this medical case will be reimbursed to Lakshmi and will be a great help to pay her debts. Please help her.

For any query, directly write us to or WhatsApp us at +91 7895002907.
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