We are very grateful to receive the total estimated amount of $560 for Varun's treatment. Thanks to Blake Friis for his continuous support for medical treatments of needy people in Vrindavan, India.

Varun's cysts surgery

Patient: Varun
Age: 8 years
Occupation of father: Labourer

Since birth, Varun has a few fluid-like cysts in his right leg which are growing larger over time. Due to this, he has been experiencing severe pain, swelling and weakness in the bone. His father took him to the hospital where the doctor performed an x-ray and recommended surgery to remove cysts.

Recently in December 2019, a surgery was performed successfully with the help of a generous donation by Christian and Shabnam Halper in which a couple of cysts have been removed but few are still left. Varun is bed-ridden on medications and needs to undergo another surgery after 3-4 months to remove leftovers. We hope soon recovery for Varun and successful surgery ahead.

The estimated cost of the upcoming treatment and the next surgery would be INR 40,000 (USD 560). Click on http://bit.ly/donate-medical-care to help Varun. (Please make a note: For Varun's medical treatment)

Thank you Blake Friis!

We are grateful to receive a donation for Krishna which will provide great help for the treatment of his kidney infection for one year. We will keep you updated about the progress of his medical condition. A big thanks to Blake Friis for his act of Kindness. 


Nagina's sciatica treatment

Patient: Nagina

Age: 26 years

Nagina is one of our former students, who is now suffering from Sciatica which is a common type of pain that affected her sciatic nerve. She went to the doctor 2 years back with a complaint of severe pain in her lower back, hips, and butt down the back of the right leg which made it hard for her to do her daily activities.

The doctor has prescribed over-the-counter pain relievers and other alternative therapies but leg pain is still persistent. She is now admitted to SMS hospital, Jaipur where the operation will be performed and further medications will be provided to permanently relieve muscle pain.

The estimated cost of her treatment is INR 60,000 (USD 845). If you wish to help Nagina, please click on the below link to donate.

Donation link: http://bit.ly/donate-medical-care (Please make a note: Medical expenses for Nagina)

Krishna's kidney infection

Krishna is a 16-year-old student studying in 11th grade at a government school in Vrindavan. His father works in a wire factory in Vrindavan

Krishna's picture
He has been experiencing an infection in his right kidney since birth which was diagnosed when he was 6 years of age and has been taking antibiotic medications since then. Often, he also suffers from constant pain and swelling in the entire body, particularly kidney areas. Due to frequent urination and infection, doctors have also diagnosed a deficiency of fiber, other essential nutrients, and fluid in his body.

Her father has spent all his savings in his treatment but now he is helpless due to the shortage of financial resources to continue his treatment further. 

The estimated expenses of his treatment including laboratory tests, doctor's fees, and medicines are approx. INR 3000 ( USD 45) per month.

Any donation for his medical treatment would be really helpful and appreciated.

Donation link: http://bit.ly/donate-medical-care (Please make a note: Medical expenses of Krishna's kidney infection)