Kiran's gall bladder stone treatment

Dear Supporters,

Recently we had an urgent case of Kiran, a 45-year-old lady. 

For a few months, she is experiencing abdominal pain and visited a local hospital for a checkup. Doctors diagnosed a stone of around 1.8cm in her gallbladder which needs to be operated as soon as possible. 

8 years back, her husband left the home since then, she alone is bearing all the household responsibilities by working as a maid in a guest house.
Due to the shortage of financial resources, she is not able to get treatment for herself. 

The estimated cost of the treatment is INR 20,000 (USD 283). Any help from your side would be really appreciated. 

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Thank you!

Dear Bhisham,

We are so grateful for your kind donation of $200 towards the Medical cases.

Your donation was utilized for the medical treatment of Narendra Kumar, aged 50 years.

He is a laborer by profession and was suffering from throat cancer. The doctor has suggested him to undergo Radiation Therapy for treating cancer. The surgery was successful and currently, he is on medication.

Thank you for your generous contribution.

Death Announcement:Bhagwan Das Saini

We are deeply saddened to convey you the news about the sudden demise of our patient Bhagwan Das Saini. He was 38years old and was suffering from Liver Cancer since a month.

He was admitted in SMS hospital, Jaipur and was receiving treatment for 20 days but during the last week his conditiondeteriorated. He passed away on the 20th of May 2019. 

Doctors did the utmost best to save him but they were rendered helpless as the cancer was already at the final stage. We express our condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace!

Bhagwan Das saini's LIver cancer


Hello Friends,
At the moment,we have an urgent case to deal with: The name of the patient is Bhagwan Das Saini, aged 38 years old. He is a very poor laborer. Currently,he has no source of income and his financial condition is worst.He has a wife and five small children.
Bhagwan Das has a Liver Cancer, admitted to SMS Hospital,Jaipur and needs a medical treatment which amounts aproxiamately Rs.50,000(720USD).

Any help that you might want to extend to this case will be really appreciated.

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Lakkhi Patra's treatment

Dear Friends,

We have an urgent case to deal with: The name of the patient is Lakkhi Patra, aged 70 years old. She is the mother of one of our janitors at FFLV. At the moment, she has no source of income and lives with her daughter.

Ishvari has infection in her liver accompanied by high blood pressure and high levels of sugar. The doctors have recommended her medication of 2 years, costing Rs. 1500 per month, which amounts to Rs. 36,000 (500 USD).

Any help that you might want to extend to this case will be really appreciated.