Varun's cysts surgery

Patient: Varun
Age: 8 years
Occupation of father: Labourer

Since birth, Varun has a few fluid-like cysts in his right leg which are growing larger over time. Due to this, he has been experiencing severe pain, swelling and weakness in the bone. His father took him to the hospital where the doctor performed an x-ray and recommended surgery to remove cysts.

Recently in December 2019, a surgery was performed successfully with the help of a generous donation by Christian and Shabnam Halper in which a couple of cysts have been removed but few are still left. Varun is bed-ridden on medications and needs to undergo another surgery after 3-4 months to remove leftovers. We hope soon recovery for Varun and successful surgery ahead.

The estimated cost of the upcoming treatment and the next surgery would be INR 40,000 (USD 560). Click on to help Varun. (Please make a note: For Varun's medical treatment)

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