Sunil's Brain Stroke operation

Dear Friends, 

We have an urgent medical case of Sunil Mondal.
Age- 38 years
Occupation- Labourer, 
Monthly Income around- Rs.8000 ie 125 USD per month
Marital status- Married, (wife- housewife)
Children- 3, (two sons and one daughter)

4 days ago he was struck by severe headache and fainted. Family took him to a local hospital. Doctor reported that he had a brain stroke so they refereed him to a bigger hospital in Jaipur. After intense diagnosis doctor advised that patient has to go under operation for brain stroke. Doctor gave an estimate of 1,50,000 ie 2,350 USD for operation. Family has already spent whole saving on his treatment and they are left with nothing. Any help in this case will be appreciated. 

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