Tannu needs urgent help

Dear Friends, 
Mrs. Tannu Kumari, aged- 25 years, suffers from a serious kidney problem. Tannu didnt have her left kidney since birth and now her right kidney is also malfunctioning. Her blood pressure is going high and her body is becoming swollen. The Doctor suggested that she needs dialysis on a regular basis otherwise she can collapse. Her father has been trying to help her and she has been on dialysis since last eight months.  At present she is staying with her father (who is a driver in FFLV) and they have spent all their saving on her medication. She has a son, aged 1 and half year and her husband is unemployed. 

The Family needs Rs.30000/- for now to begin her treatment again. We will really appreciate if you can come forward and help her. You can send your contributions via: http://www.fflvrindavan.org/en/donate.html 

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