Priya's tumor removal Surgery

Priya is a 12 year old Sandipani Muni School student who is currently studying in her 4th standard. Her father Rajpal is a construction labourer while her mother Guddi is a housewife and not able to work outside of the home as she has five more daughters to look after during the day.

She joined Sandipani Muni school four years ago when she was eight, at the time she had a small lump on the left side of her face which, as the years progressed, started growing more and more causing her extreme discomfort and pain.

The Medical Team at Food for Life Vrindavan headed by  Rupesh Bhardwaj decided to take her to a specialised hospital, the Sawai Man Singh, in the City of Jaipur, Rajasthan, where several check ups and scans took place. The result of the check ups showed that the tumor was growing and was connected to the brain in a life threatening way. Immediate surgery in order to save Priya's life was required.

On the 22nd of May the operation took place successfully, Priya is now under observation, due to the serious nature of the tumor and recovering from the ordeal.

Food for Life Vrindavan has so far spent 50000 rupees,taken from the FFLV medical fund (approximately $750 USD) for the check ups and the surgery. We are relying on the good will of all of you sponsors and supporters of Food for Life Vrindavan to help us with the amount spent as we will need to somehow put it back in our medical fund in order to help other cases or in the very likely case that Priya will require a second surgery.

Any amount donated will be appreciated. Thank you so much for the support you always showed us.


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