Munita and Shubandhu need your help.

$18 USD will feed Munita and her brother for a month.

We need your help to feed two SMS students, Munita and Shubandhu. Read their story below, and please donate what you can to help us support them.

Munita and Shubandhu lost their parents 5 years ago, and currently live with their widowed grandmother.

To earn a living, their grandmother helps at kirtan parties in temples and private homes. Her earnings can be unpredictable, but even when kirtan parties are scheduled, she earns only an average of 600 rupees ($13 USD) per month. Of that, she has to pay 200 rupees (more than $4 USD) for rent. This leaves very little for her to support her grandchildren.

FFLV needs your help to provide Munita and Shubandhu with a monthly food ration of 800 rupees, or $18 USD. Without this ration, the children - both students at SMS - wouldn’t be able to survive.

We need just 9,600 rupees ($215 USD) total to support this family for an entire year. Let’s all give what we can. Please donate here so we can provide food rations for Munita and Shubandhu’s family. You can also click the yellow Donate button on the left to donate easily with PayPal.

Thank you!

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