Experiencing the other side of FFLV

We would like to share a story with you, told by one of our FFLV classroom teachers - Sonia Chaudhary. Her personal account of experiencing hunger, thirst, and desperation gives us a glimpse into the lives of our children in Vrindavan and why we serve them.

“Yesterday was Nirjala Ekadashi, a fast in which one does not take water or food. This was the first time I was doing it. By God's grace and my parents , I had never slept hungry stomach and always had enough water to drink. But yesterday was something else. Half of the day went all right, even until 8 in the night it was tolerable. After 9, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't breathe, my pulse was getting slow and so was my heart beat, but I kept lying there thinking it would get better. 

Suddenly, it became too much to bear.  I couldn't breathe. I jumped out of bed and ran for water, prayed to Krishna and had His remnants of water. But it became worse. I was vomiting, vomited every drop of water I had taken in, I vomited about 10-12 times for about 3 hours and nothing was left in me, it was 1.00 am and I was lying exhausted on the floor. 

At that moment, I realized how it feels to starve to death, how it feels to be without water, how it feels to have no one by your side. I realized what is Food for Life.

After some time I started feeling better, I was able to breathe properly, but I knew if I don't take water, I will not be able to breathe properly again for sometime. I slept after taking some water and lemon, and this morning, even after having food, I feel weak.

Before yesterday, I did work for Food for Life and I took pride in being a part of it. But I didn't realize what is hunger, what is thirst, how feels to die for a morsel. Today, I know. 

Thank you Krishna because now I know how deeply Food for Life is affecting the lives of these children, how deep are its roots and most of all I know my purpose of being here.

For those of you who have been a part of Food for Life, helped the children and don't realize the worth of what you are doing, think again! The worth is more than earning millions. Please pass this on to as many people as you can so that they become aware and a part of this organization too.”

By sponsoring a child at one of our schools, you can ensure they won’t feel this kind of hunger or thirst again. $45 USD/month covers meals, clean drinking water, education, clothing, and more - sponsoring a girl can save her from child marriage through our Girls Fund. If you are interested in sponsorship, you can learn more about sponsoring a child in Vrindavan at our website.

We would like to thank Sonia for sharing her story. You can connect with other staff and volunteers, view pictures, and check in on what’s happening in Vrindavan now at our facebook group here.

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beauty said...

You are doing a great job in the world. I would like to help you. Thanks for showing the pains of other so that they could be helped.Nice blog!