Better to die than to live suffering, crude but true!

This is a sad day for us, as the school has been closed for the last 10 days due to cold, I must add the Government forces us to keep the school clsed!
The children are on their own, today we heard that Vandana (girl on my left in the photo) has died. She was at the construction site with her mam where she works and while playing near a tank of water she fell into it, they discovered the body only after 2 hours. I was very sorry for her, but then I thought, actually I am sorry because we do not have her anymore, she used to come running to me every morning, she was maybe 4 years old, she has been in our kindergarten since she was six months. Then I thought, actually for her is a liberation, she has died in Vrindavan which is very auspicious and she will not have to suffer. Yes suffer, if you are a girl here you suffer at every stage of your life and until the end.

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