Accident on Christmas Eve

Forty year old Lachi was hit by a bus this Christmas Eve, while driving home from Mathura on his motorbike.   Although he was hit from behind and knocked off his bike, somehow by some great fortune he survived.  His right leg is broken in two places and he got 22 stitches in his head.  The local doctor referred him to the hospital in Agra.

In Agra he underwent one surgery which cost 80,000 rupees (1,784 USD), but the surgery was not done properly and he will have to undergo a second surgery in Mathura. Now Food for Life Vrindavan is supervising his case and we hope this surgery will be a success.  Now the hospital charges are about 2,000 rupees a day apart from the surgery charges, so it is hard to project the final cost at this time. 

For now we need at least 20,000 rupees (446 USD) to cover his hospital stay.  I will update this story with the surgery charges added in once we know the final amount.

Lachi is a "village-style" construction worker (meaning he carries bricks on his head, mixes cement by hand, etc, for about two dollars per day!).  He is also mentally disabled and has four children to provide for.  Let's help him!

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