Little Bhumika needs help

Bhumika is 6 years of age, studies in 2nd grade at Sandipani Muni School, FFLV. A few days back, while she was playing in front of her house, a bike rider accidentally hit her. Immediately, her mother took Bhumika to the hospital by borrowing money from the neighbors to get her treated . 

Her leg's bone got fractured; the doctor performed the surgery and prescribed her complete bed rest with proper medications. 

Bhumika's father passed away a couple of years ago Now, her mother is the sole earner of the family  by working as a housemaid. 
INR 30,000 (400 USD) was the total expenses spent for her treatment. Please provide your help with this medical case. Any donations received will be reimbursed to Rajni (Bhumika's mother) at a later date.
For any query, directly write us to or WhatsApp us at +91 7895002907. 
(PLease make a  note: For Bhumika's medical treatment) 

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